I’m Back! 

So, I will have to admit I have significantly reduced my social media time and to be honest it wasn’t all on purpose. I just got so wrapped up in the happenings of life ( work, babies, moving,chores, sleep or lack of sleep,exercise,or lack of exercise,you know what I mean), that I just lost that drive to share my thoughts, food pics, cute baby pics, to even my favorite products. 

Life has just evolved into this wonderful chaotic machine, I was letting myself and the things I love go to the wasteside. I don’t know if you have ever felt that way, but all of a sudden at thirty just getting to bed was a success some days. Days off work would consist of messy buns and no makeup, shoving food in when I could, showering at the end of the day instead of the beginning ( or let’s be realistic mommas not showering at all) and just falling into bed . Would I trade this chaotic wonderful life for a one filled with nothing to do but sit and pick my nose 😂? NOPE,not a chance. 

I have come to see what I really want out of life. To be a wife, a mom, a Dietitian, a friend, a daughter and be truly joyful no matter how hard it gets or frustrating it is. Life isn’t easy, it has its up and downs for sure, but it’s those ups and downs I’ve experienced that have made me who I am. Being a mom, wow, just writing that or saying out loud, it’s amazing. I had the best mom as an example growing up. Watching what she did for us, knowing she was up with us while we were sick. I have experienced that and know just how much love and dedication it takes. To see my little running around now, talking and exploring the world is just awe inspiring. Am I being dramatic? Maybe? But I can’t help to put into perspective just what’s been going on in this mind of mine over here.

As for my relationship with God? I am like a stone, needing to be constantly worked on to become smooth. He is so loving and forgiving.  No matter how busy I get, and when I can only cry out to that one worship song that just plucks at my heart strings, I need to realize that He loves me for who I am , my imperfections, and and all that I desire to be. 

I hope that if your reading this, you can somehow relate, and know to take this crazy life one day at a time. Take in all those memories and experiences and cherish them for I know they are quickly fleeting. Life is a journey and boy am I glad I’m on it! 

Loving what is good from the inside out,



PALEOPRO oh my ! 

I have tried many types of protein powders over the years. I have tried  powders ranging from whey(dairy),vegan(rice, hemp,and pea), to now grass fed and pastured raised  beef and egg! PaleoPro caught my eye because it was something different and I have never heard of it. I was scrolling on my Facebook page when I saw the advertisement. I thought “Huh just another Paleo product”. I clicked on it and started reading(you can find more information at paleopro.com) and was pleasantly surprised.

Products are dairy free, soy free, gluten free,and available in the raw flavor. They also are sweetened with stevia( a new fav of mine) and come in Ancient Cocoa and Aztec Vanilla( the best vanilla protein I’ve had!)Each serving is packed with 26g of protein, 120 calories and is a steep competitor to other protein powders on the market. 

What I love about these powders were not only the taste, but also the blendability of them. Compared to vegan powders that tend to be gritty, this protein is smooth like its dairy counterpart. You can mix it in a blender with your favorite ingredients, or  in a shaker bottle with water and consume a great consistent product. I did notice that in theblender bottle, I  needed to shake it a few times and let it sit for a couple minutes for it to all blend together, but once mixed, it tasted great! 

I found mine at whole foods in the supplement aisle, but you can also order it online at the link posted above. 

Overall, this protein tastes amazing, served its purpose as a great source of protein for snacks to post workout recovery and is affordable.  

Speaking of recovery post workout, they also sent me their recovery blend which is made of sweet potato, egg white and stevia. This was so different from any post workout I’ve tried, and I have to say it was an aweodme change of pace. I mixed it right away with water or blended it with my favorite mix in and drank between 30-40 min. It tasted satisfying and did give me that pick me up I needed to recover after a tough workout. The taste is not very sweet but more savory on my tastebuds unless you add in fruit or  say almond milk. Either way, I would give it a try to change up your routine and keep that body guessing. 

Guys, I love trying new products and this one is a keeper in my pantry and will stay on the tip of my tounge as another awesome source of protein! Keep going, take your goals one day at a time, and strive to be the best version of you! 


Snack Time! 

What an awesome snack just whipped out of no where! I think to myself “man, I love when I do that”. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complex and messy. If you have the right ingredients all the time, you can come up with just about anything. 

We have fruit,nuts,which have healthy fats and protein, almond milk, and granola that has healthy whole grains that add fiber on top of the blueberries to help wth satiety and blood sugar stability! 

Stay encouraged and take each day and even meal as its own. 


Use what you have food challenge! 

Where did this week go? Anywhoodles, this week we decided to challenge ourselves to use what we have in the house for groceries and see how long we can go without shopping and see what we can make with what we have. We often do this to make sure nothing goes to waste and see how creative we can get. How often do we go grocery shopping every week and over buy or not use what is in our cupboard, fridge or freezer? It’s a great way to expand your cooking horizons, get those creative juices flowing and ensure we are not wasting the food the good Lord gave us! 

What was on this weeks menu in our household: 

1- Monday : eggs and salsa with corn tortilla , Gluten Free pancakes made with eggs and almond milk and random food offerings in fridge, leftover baked chicken from my birthday celebration with roasted veggies 

2- Tuesday: Leftover chicken and veggies from dinner and fruit , chicken sandwich with MIL , and dinner from her! Thank you! Gluten Free pasta and Italian tossed salad

3-Wednesday:leftover pancakes and fruit and random food in fridge , found tofu in pantry and baked it with spices ( see pic) and a whole seedless cucumber with balsamic,  leftover beef from the birthday party with leftover rice from party 

4- Thursday : leftover rice from dinner and gf pancakes leftover and fruit , tuna salad in a wrap with pickles on the side , lettuce wraps and cucumber salad ( at MIL house) 

5- Friday : eggs and salsa on tortilla and that’s where it ends …. 

So to show you all , a combination of my pantry and the gracious offerings of family, I have made it to Friday without shopping. If I had not had meals with my family, I would have had breakfast for dinner and lunch, made up any veggies I had in freezer , cooked some beans and combine them together. 

Here are the issues on hand, I need lots of protein and healthy fats and veggies. That was missing during this challenge. I didn’t have enough on hand for back up. Doing this shows us how important it is to be prepared, organized and have enough of the right food ingredients on hand no matter what! It will keep you on track towards your goals and keep you satisfied! 

With that being said ,here are my recommended staples for the fridge, freezer and cupboard.

1- organic or good quality frozen veggies in freezer

2- organic, pasture raised , free of antibiotics and hormone free frozen meat like chicken and beef for backup.

3- high quality canned meat like tuna and chicken 

4- good fats like olive oil, coconut oil, nuts , seeds , olives 

5- free range organic pasture eggs 

6- tortillas ( corn or whole wheat )

7- gluten free or whole wheat pasta and a jar of sauce ( watch out for added sugars and sodium )

8- beans : black, chickpeas, kidney or whatever you like 

These suggestions are a minimum to what you can have. I have found that I can make just about anything with those and last a full week. We don’t do this all the time but it’s fun and makes you think.

In the end, don’t waste what you have , get creative and don’t be afraid to try something new and experiment,and just love eating healthy no matter what. Remember, it so much more that plain boiled chicken breast and steamed broccoli! 

Keep going and take it one day at a time,and you will see just how far you get! 




TANKA, I will live life powerfully with these little nuggets of goodness! I was able to write this wonderful company and ask to try these products. They did not let me down and they were very sincere and passionate about their products. I am always a believer in trying before buying and I am sure to buy these products for life. These bars, sticks, and nuggets/bites as I refer to them as are a great quick option for a snack on the go. It’s a snack you can trust that will be cleaner than a lot of of other protein bars or even jerky  products out there. How many of you have tasted a jerky and thought “boy, this is so good but I know I could be and should beeating healthier”. You can! It just takes a bit of time to search for those that products. That’s why I enjoy doing it for you, if you would have me! I would use these in combination with fresh veggies and fruit as a snack. You can make it part of a routine. I always recommend varying your proteins and this would be another one to add to the list! 

So let’s just talk about these amazing products! They are Gluten Free , nitrite free, no antibiotics or added hormones,USDA Heart Healhy, MSG free and are made from Buffalo which they aim to keep sustainable. I pretty much love all of that,  don’t you? 

I would have to say my favorite new product of theirs is the TANKA trail! Seriously ??!!! I get the jerky bites  AND a perfect portion of nuts and dried fruit!! I felt so satisfied after this snack and it has different tastes and textures. Sweet , Salty, crunchy and creamy ! Yum! Flavors come in slow smoked original bites and blueberry  almond trail mix which is my favorite as well as their turkey buffalo with mango trail mix and slow smoked original with coconut almond trail mix.

The sticks and bars are softy and juicy as well as the nuggets/bites. The flat sticks are a bit harder and may appeal to those that like that texture. Overall, it as easy to eat and didn’t leave my jaw achy and tired from chewing. Flavors are Jalapeño, Apple orange peel, slow smoked original and spicy pepper. I feel there is something for everyone. 

Their site is great and informational, love they have the nutrition facts out in the open, a mission as well as wha they are about. I love a transparent company , but more so when it’s sincere and related to food. I recommend Checking out the site I posted above and trying them out for yourself! You can find these products at whole foods, Walgreens,REI, Frutiful Yield, and possibly other health food stores. Prices are reasonable. Online you can get 2 bars/sticks for 5.99. A price I would pay for a clean snack. 

Again, I love trying out products that are whole,fresh, clean and natural and I encourage you to be open to! Another RD approved snack right here!! 

Eat on! 

ULLA-The Smart Hydration Reminder


This fun little gadget is more than just a gadget! I first saw this little gem on my Facebook newsfeed and thought “huh this looks interesting … I better check it out”. Well, I did and am so glad! I wrote the company telling them what I do for a living ( Registered and Licensed Dietitian)and said I was curious about their product. I talk about water intake on a daily basis even hourly. For some individuals it is extremely hard to consume the recommended half your body weight in ounces of water a day. When you add on exercising, excessive sweating , and even nursing, it can become a challenge even a stress. So I gave it a whirl. 

At first, I was impressed with the colors, the sleek design and how it attached to the bottle. What I wasn’t sure if was if it was going to work. I told myself I would give it some time to see if it would really help me increase my water intake and even remind me to do so. Here’s how it works: you attach the ULLA to a favorite water bottle/ cup. It is supposed to remind you every 30-40 min to drink by flashing a light ( aka strobe light as my colleagues stated). I typically drink a lot and often( or so I thought), and on the first day I really didn’t see this said light. However, as I went along, I noticed more flashing during the day( work hours) when I would be with a client or working at my computer. Time would go by and I wasn’t drinking when I clearly had time to. It would flash over and over again until I started drinking. I saw this cleaver little flash from the corner of my eye. When you did drink finally I saw the light just pulse when I lifted it up. It knows when you drink!  The cool part is it goes to sleep at night when you do and it wakes ups in the morning ( mainly to conserve battery life which can extend up to 6 months it claims). 

My overall thoughts on this cute little hydration gadget???? I love it! I recommend getting one and strapping it your favorite beverage container and see for yourself. Do I feel it helped me drink more than I was before? On some days I can say yes. As a mom I found myself wanting coffee or something else to keep me going and I would at least see the ULLA regardless of it flashing and remember to drink! I give it 2 thumbs up and it’s definitely RD approved! At only $24.99 I feel it’s pretty inexpensive for all the benefits of increased hydration will get you! Who doesn’t want increased energy and less fatigue!!! 


Gluten Free Bread

How many of you read the  title of this post and rolled your eyes? Honestly… Well, I’ll tell you the truth, I do love a fresh warm glutinous ball of dough, but I also love how I feel when I take the gluten   out of my diet. Gluten is a mix of protein found in  wheat,rye and barley  that gives it its elasticity( think pasta). People can have serious issues with it like celiac disease or people can be sensitive to it. Both are so different with each other and should not be confused nor should a  gluten free be a fad diet. Anyone that knows me or has worked with me knows that and is educated as to why I would have you eliminate it. But that’s for a different post. 

I wanted to share some gluten free bread products  that I have tried recently and make my top list. 

1-Canyon Bakehouse 


This bread comes in a couple varieties of which I chose to sample the 7-grain and the mountain white. Both breads were soft and moist. When toasted they were crisp on the outside and soft of the inside. They make a great alternative to nutritious toast, protein French toast or even a sandwich splurge! This one is at the top of my list for GF breads. I found mine at Target for about $6 bucks a loaf. It’s not a cheap bread but it lasts a while! You can freeze it and it thaws well . 

2-UDI’s Bread


This was the first GF bread I tried and it still is one if my favorites. Usually found in the freezer section, this bread toast up to perfection. In fact , it’s the way I prefer to eat it with some coconut oil spread , avocado and crushed red pepper. It hold up well in the freezer and does thaw well. I would consider it a firm bread not moist but does change to a soft crunchy texture when toasted. I have gotten my bread at Walmart , Whole Foods, Target, Mariano’s , Heinins , and Jewel just to name a few. It is pretty easy to obtain and  this brand also offers different varieties. Price can range from $5-7 a loaf. 

3- Trader Joes GF bread


This was a newer find lately. They used to carry UDI’s products,but on my last trip I could not find it. This bread is found on the shelves along with their other GF products. This bread is up there in taste,texture and quality. It is not a moist or fluffy bread, but it toasts well and is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I tried the white version as that tends to be the most popular varietal to choose. The shelf was well stocked, bread was fresh and easy to find. Goes for about $4-5 a loaf so it’s a little more reasonably priced. 

Regardless if you have Celiacs, are sensitive to gluten or just want to experiment with food elimination these products are sure to please. Finding those foods that you love and enjoy regardless of what anyone says its still one of my mottos. When in doubt, try it out!! 

The Date Lady 


This is one of my new products and I’m just getting started with them! Here is some nutritional info from the site…

I was really impressed, but I knew I would be, with this product. When I made those 3 ingredient pancakes, eggs, banana,cinnamon, it was the perfect. I used the pure date syrup on it and the consistency was just like syrup and was sweet, but not overly sweet. I was also sent the Carmel syrup and the chocolate spread. O my goodness are these products  for real?! They are wholesome and clean and just plain fun! 

Dates are one of my favorite snacks, wait favorite desserts. I love chocolate covered turtles but they are just something I need to eat or should eat all the time.  I usually pair 1-2 dates with 1-2 pecans and eat them together… That is my Carmel turtle. If you blend them together with unsweetened cocoa you now have turtle truffle balls ! I mean the list goes on and on with what we can do to use dates. I even made raw Oreo cookies. 

I was so gravely to have gotten to sample this product and now am a life long lover of The Date Lady! You need to get in this train !! Choo Choo😜


Quorn products

A little while back, I wrote this company after seeing it in one of my nutrition magazines. I am always looking for other sources of protein for myself as well as clients. This product however , would speak better to those that prefer vegetarian sources of protein. Of all the products they do have , I chose the Naked Chik’n tenders found under the gluten free section,and the Chik’n patties which are a breaded patty and not gluten free.


After reading a little more about the products, Mycoprotiein is the main ingredient in Quorn. It is in he fungi family and can and has caused some allergic reactions. I review food sensitivities  and I see yeast often. In this category of food sensitivities you would avoid some fermented foods , and even fungi. This product would not be the best source of protein for one avoiding yeast. 

The Mycoprotein claims to be high in fiber , protein. It also say it’s low in fat and cholesterol , but for those that know me , know I love me some fat!! 

For the overall taste, I really liked it! I decided to use the tenders in a pasta dish with veggies and olive oil and it was great. Did it taste like chicken no, but it was substantial and took on the flavor of spices and oils I was cooking with. The patty was tasty and felt like I was cheating with a real breaded chicken sandwich. I ate this with cut up veggies and felt quite satisfied after eating from all the fiber. 

Would I recommend trying out the Quorn products? Yes! There are a variety of products to choose from. I would use this as another protein option to choose from, but unless your a vegetarian , rotate it amongest your other sources! The cost is comparable to other vegetarian sources and would and could fit many budgets! 

So all, if your curious go out and try it for yourself! You know how much I love food and trying new things. I wouldn’t steer you wrong , but if it’s not your thing and you wanna stick to your regular protein, that’s ok to! Toodles! 

Homemade Pesto

Hey all! 

So I am getting back into the swing of things over here, working out, clean eating , my BRAIN function, and started looking into my next from scratch cooking project … Pesto ! I love pesto but tend to avoid it because of the dairy in it, or its just to expensive in the store for a tiny container!  This recipe was found in the 21 Day Sugar Detox book by Diane Sanfilippo. 


However, I used what I had in my fridge and pantry for this one. I substituted spinach for the cilantro( I used to big handfuls) and use cashews instead of macadamia nuts. It. Was. Fabulous! 

So what do you use pesto on Sarah besides pasta? I used it on Salmon, with my eggs in the morning, spiralized zuccini raw or cooked, and with veggies. It is full of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and protein. It makes a great sauce or flavor partner to any protein dish. You could even make pesto cauliflower rice! HA I need to make that up and post that here. 

This recipe was so easy I threw all Ingredients in my Vitamix blender and it was done. I love putting my food in balls jars, especially clear ones. It is pretty to look at, and you can see your food in the fridge. I tend to save ball jars and even buy the adorable turquoise and purple ones. Either way, this is a great easy recipe for clean, homemade pesto that is sure to be a pleaser! Enjoy your food from the inside out! 

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