Nutrition from the inside out serves as my mantra for loving and living a nutritious life. Learning what is whole, what is fresh, what is clean and natural is how I view nutrition and how I strive to teach those I come in contact with .There is no need to focus on fad diets and to feel restricted but to find those things and foods that are healthy and that you can be passionate about . Each of us are different and it’s those differences that make us who we are. Nutrition from the inside out is a way of thinking. It’s not only about the food, recipes , newest fads and the like, but also about who you are on the inside and what we can do together to better our way of life. Behaviors , lifestyle, emotions , blood work, personality and overall disposition can greatly impact what is on the outside. And that’s only the beginning! It’s when we take a look inside that we can successfully work on our outward appearance and who we truly and desire to be.It takes patience and time, but its all worth it in the end.

My name is Sarah M Tee and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters in Public Health. I received my Bachelors in Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and Masters Degree from Benedictine University and completed my Dietetic Internship at California State University, Fresno. In June of 2013, I had the honor and privilege to marry my high school sweetheart and couldn’t be happier! We love to travel all over the world , experience various cultures and their food practices as well as spend time with our families. Some of my hobbies include singing, playing the piano, playing with our dog Hurley and watching movies in all genres.

I have worked with a diverse group of clients ranging from weight loss to those wishing to live a healthy way of life and everything in between. I count myself lucky to be a part of each clients individualized journey and their successes. My specialties are first and foremost teaching nutrition from a holistic and alternative approach while still focusing on evidenced based research as the nutrition experts. Other areas include, performing metabolic testing, interpreting individual labs, private nutrition counseling, a successful detoxification program, in home cooking demonstrations, private and group grocery store tours, individualized supplementation, and leading classes and seminars for those that wish to learn in a group setting with accountability.


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