I might just like being a “Caveman”…

Morning! Coming to you from my couch while the little one watches that silly monkey Curious George. Now, I’ve seen it a million times so this gives me a chance to write to you!

Caveman foods, another company I found on my social media browsing, is what I personally like to call another one of my approved protein bars/sources . What’s the first thing you think of when you hear protein bar? Dried fruit, protein powder, chocolate, sugar laiden and protein lacking? Well, over the years I’ve stumbled on and blogged about some of my favorite companies like Tanka, And Epic to name a few. Well today, I bring you Caveman.

I was not disappointed when I received this awesome swag box from this company. I realize I am lucky to do what I do, and to be able to ask these companies ( who don’t have to send anything) to send me product to try and tell you all about.  I make it a personal goal to always try before I buy, and surely before I tell all of you about it.

So Caveman, these products are so different from the others I’ve tried, not only because of the flavors and texturs, but also the type of protein. These bars ( now they also make snack bars that are the chocolate fruity kind, but I’ll get to those) are made of chicken! I love varying my proteins and so should you. It helps keep that body guessing, and also helps offer a variety of nutrients in your diet.

This company believes in the Paleo diet and providing foods that go along with it. Their foods contain those foods they feel we should consume: nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. For more information on their story view here: https://www.cavemanfoods.com/blogs/our-story/70984003-our-story

What do they offer?

  • The Protein Bar in original, hickory smoked , mesquite BBQ, smoked jalapeño,blueberry pepper, sweet cherry
  • The Jerky in chicken jerky, buffalo style, chipotle honey chicken, and spices BBQ
  • The Bars in dark chocolate almond coconut,dark chocolate Carmel cashew, dark chocolate almond cashew,dark chocolate cherry nut, wild blueberry nut,almond cashew
  • The Bites in applewood smoked BBQ, sundried tomato and kale,habanero and green chili


  • Jerky 12  bags : $69.99
  • Protein bars 12 count : $29.99
  • Bars 15count: $25
  • Bites 12 bags :$69.99
  • Free shipping over 50
  • Offering a 20% off code as of 5/28

Nutrition and Use

Products areGF Paleo ,No preservatives and nitrates, dairy free, peanut free, no refined sugars, and all natural

I would consider these are high source of protein for a snack bars- bites containing 6 g- 18 g per serving! They are lower in calories, but these calories count! Serving if healthy fats, and even offer fruits and vegetables( not a high source)

These bars and jerky offer different tastes for each palate, and they smell delicious! The bars are soft, full of flavor, and when I open the package, I can smell the fruit! The jerky is simply made, but complex in taste! The texture is still like a bar, but you will not find  yourself and your jaw tired from biting and chewing. I have been using these as a post workout( good protein and carbs), and as a snack on the go. With a 20 month old, I appreciate the convienience and nutrition on the go, and I know my patients and clients will to!

Where to buy

Check out this locator to find yours!

Overall, this is another awesome company to try that is offering cleaner products to eat. Yes it’s not homemade and still “processed”, but I feel that it’s done with caution and those that are focused on more food products( not food like) can snack safely. I loved them, my son loved them, and I know these will add another option to our party! Can you picture it now? As always, I encourage you to try things you never have and open your eyes to change. To see these products and to order yours go to https://www.cavemanfoods.com/

Love yourself today and always,



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