Osso Good Bone Broth… Its O SO GOOD

Afternoon my peoples,

So I find myself here on this gloomy Wednesday, needing to catch up on my yummy blog posts. And by yummy I mean blogging on all of the yummy things I have been able to try over the weeks. I will say, that its been harder than usual to blog with my soon to be 20 months old, moving between homes, and just well, all the craziness of life happening. Would I change it? Nope. So here goes another one of my VERY personalized and opinionated posts about another wonderful food product I have stumbled upon. Remember what I do for a living ( Registered Dietitian) and it should all make sense.  I will say that I was not paid by this company to write, but after I inquired about the bone broth, they did send me product to try~

Bone Broth Basics

Lets take a step back and look at what bone broth really is.  Nutrition researches of the Weston a Price Foundation stated that, ” Bone broths contain minerals in forms that your body can easily absorb: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, Sulphur and others.” Bone broths and stocks are different as large companies are more likely to use flavors and bouillon cubes in their broths. And to my understanding, these bone broths have been a part of various cultures for years!  You will  find amino acids, collagen, gelatin and other trace minerals, as well as organic vegetables if they are added to the stock when cooking.  Many claim that these bone broths help with various ailments and issues that can often plague our aging bodies.

  • Protects Joints
    • Its a source of natural collagen. We need this as we age to help protect our aging bodies. Cartilage decreases in our bodies, and bone broths can help restore it.
    • Source of gelatin. In our bodies it acts like a cushion between bones to help them move smoothly
  • Good for the Gut
    • Gelatin has been shown to help strengthen gut lining and help with food sensitivities. Two areas of which I am very passionate about. Also help with good bacteria growth, and support healthy inflammation levels.
    • Easily Digestible. This is beneficial for those that need to heal their gut, and give it a break!
  • Maintains Healthy Skin
    • Collagen helps form elastin within the skin and that’s what gives it is youthful tone
    • Helps to decrease wrinkles, puffiness, and fighting other areas of aging
  • Supports Immune System Function
    • Over 70% of our immune system is housed in the gut. This is HUGE~ its no wonder we get sick, don’t digest and absorb nutrients from our food well, and have issues losing weight!
    • Fight against leaky gut, very debated amongst crowds and not understood well, it is when “particles from foods seep through tiny openings in the weakened intestinal lining and enter the bloodstream, where the immune system detects them and become hyperactive” Inflammation then increases and can lead to many dysfunctions in the body. So why not have a food that will help restore that naturally?
  • Boosts Detoxification
    • Our body does a great way of naturally detoxifying, but sometimes needs help
    • “Bone broths usually contain potassium and glycine, which support both cellular and liver detoxification”
  • Aids in Metabolism and Promotes Anabolism
    • Antioxidant defense via glutathione
    • Amino acids that help build and repair tissues
    • Glycine found in collagen helps form muscle tissue
    • Glutamine: the body produces it, but becomes essential when our body is in a state of need

Alright, soooo just a bit of info on bone broth and some of its properties. Back to this amazing bone broth I have just tried. So Osso Good Bone Broth was so kind to send me just about all of their varieties. I have tried the chicken and the gut revive.

broth 1

I just happened to find my favorite mug for the day, followed the directions to simmer in a saucepan on the stove, pour and sip. I held that mug close and sipped on this warm, calming liquid. I was so impressed by its flavor and its drinkability, I was ready to do this every morning to get my day started.  These broths are filled with natural, organic vegetables and products. I was expecting a bit of saltiness, but was pleased to find that it was perfectly balanced. We as a society taste to much salt, and our poor taste buds forget what real food tastes like closest to its natural state. I was able to get 2 portions out of this ( it says about 2.5). I chose to have it with breakfast. It was filling at satisfying.

Ok,  guess I should back up and tell you how I received my liquid gold. It came to my house in a box that was quite large, and was packed securely in a fridge like packaging. Broths came frozen and were extremely cold when I got them. I read the storage guidelines and immediately put them in the freezer until use. I did pull 1 out so that I could have that ready for the next day.

Facts about Osso Good Bone Broth

  • They Ship their broths  $50 dollar minimum purchase to ship because of the way they ship and its amazing and worth it
  • Founded by 3 people passionate about Bone Broth
  • Non- GMO, Hormone Free, Organic , and Responsibly Raised in Northern California and Oregon


Great source of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals~ For detailed information check out their link here:



  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Spicy Pork
  • Signature
  • Bison
  • Ener- Qi
  • Revive
  • Immuni-Qi
  • Recovery
  • Nourish the mama
  • and one for the pup Osso Good Dog!


  • The range is about 9.99-16.00 a pouch
  • They offer packs that range from 109.99-159.99


To Sum it UP

Overall, bone broth is a wonderful and almost needed ritual, and should be included in our diets. You can choose to make it from home or purchase from credible sources like Osso Good Bone Broth. I choose to make it part of my gut healing routine.  This can be used to sip, cook, and share! Don’t be scared, give it a try!

To learn  more and to get yours check out:


(pic courtesy of Osso Good Bone Broth)

Love you today, tomorrow, and always…


Sources include Dr.Axe



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