Trimona Trimona Trimona…..a Bulgarian Tradition

Hey all! So amongst my welcomed chaos, I stumbled upon a new yogurt(new to me). I have tried many yogurts over the years, and even some just recently, but Trimona stands alone. Let me catch you up on my dairy (and many others) dilemma. I have worked on and off personally( and with clients) on food elimination and found that it helps to reboot, and refresh. I will say a refreshment from that constant feeling of bloat, gas , and GI upset. I will say that this has not always been the case for me and dairy. I was brought up drinking milk, pizza nights,eating yogurt, and the dairy laiden treats. Dairy was just a part of my life. It wasn’t until the last few years that I noticed a big gut change. I then go into my gut healing mode and extremely cut out some of my favorite foods, yes some healthy and some a splurge, and just feel discouraged. I completely understand my clients needs and I tend to focus on this objective with most. Anyway, even grass fed butter to the best yogurts on the market would give me upset, until Trimona. What was also eye opening, is the fake creamers and foods made with oils didn’t bother me, as I tested them, whereas the beautifully made and natural products did. I was determined to get my gut in shape. By using my probiotics, glutamine, and food elimination to start, I was well on my way!

Long story short, I’m back in the gut healing phase 19 months after baby, because lets face it, with this munchkin I was thankful to shove any food down healthy or not , and get a shower. So this leads me, finally, to this amazing yogurt I am about to share with you. It has already made a huge difference, and I can have my yogurt again without the upset.
Without further adu, I came across Trimona yogurt on my social media. What caught my eye was the beautiful bright packaging. So I decided to read more and reach out! Afterall, I love trying and bragging about new foods.

(Pic courtesy of Trimona)

I had the pleasure of speaking with Trimona Founder, and as he likes to call himself, the CYO (Chief Yogurt Officer). Atanas Valev, was simply a pleasure to speak with. He was extremely proud and eager to share his products with me, but also a sliver of his story. He told me of his journey to the US with his Bulgarian yogurt in tow. His passion for this food, and that’s exactly what he is trying to keep it as and not a food like product, just flows from each word that he utters. I will tell you that I was not only impressed by the yogurt itself, but also that fact that we talked about the nutrition aspect(probiotics), production, research, and how not all dairy is created equal. To my tasting, I would agree with that last statement. To my observation, Trimona stands apart from its yogurt counterparts. I will say in all fairness to the other other yogurt companies I’ve tried on my own dime, and those that have graciously sent me product to try, I have not spoken with a representative, or founder. Would I be interested? Sure! Trimona is so different from anything else, I would gladly entertain the idea so that I myself can distinguish them all in this ever growing market! To get yours and to read more on Trimona check out theirwebsite:

(Pic courtesy of Timona)

And so my eyes were opened, or better yet my tasted buds were awakened, to this light, refreshing, tart, and pure tasting creamy nourishment. When I say creamy, I am not talking thick and hard to swallow creamy, I’m referring to the perfect balance of whey and casien creamy, as nature intended. Traditional yogurt,as I have learned,has this perfect separation where all nutrition is included. Trimona yogurt comes from Grass-fed cows, and the milk is Organic. Like the majority of it’s counterparts, the whey( liquid portion), is not always included. Have you ever opened up your yogurt container or even cottage cheese, seen the liquid, been disgusted and either dumped or thrown it away? DONT! It’s packed full of nutrients. Trimona doesn’t discriminate on any of its products from the traditional plain which they are known for, to their mind blowing flavors. All are consistent and true to its heritage. Bulgarians don’t strain those yogurts.

Why else do we eat yogurt? For the probiotics that are so helpful and needed in our guts, as well as the digestible proteins for satiety and weight loss! Here is a breakdown of the probiotic profile found in Trimona yogurt. Pic courtesy of Trimona.

I would say that’s pretty impressive! So in reading more about their product, the shelf life is 11 weeks because of the cultures. The billions of cultures do decrease over time, but your still getting ample amounts of good gut bacteria daily!

When I was talking with Atanas, he stressed that the plain is what they are striving to grow and focus on, but the market was demanding flavors. I won’t argue with that! These all are amazing, refreshingly innovative, and are sure to please the tounge. My personal favorite is Raspberry Coconut. When I first tried it, I was licking the container.  Below you will find all of their flavors, I will have to warn you, the market is growing so search at your own risk, and a fun risk at that! I would start out the with plain original and then branch out! The plain makes a great base from yogurt bowls to cooking.

( pic courtesy of Trimona)












To wrap up my review on Trimona yogurt, I feel it’s a necessity in the house for not only day to day snacking, but also cooking and gut health. At this time, we need real food and not food like products, staying close to what nature intended. I look forward to seeing where Trimona goes, and staying in touch with their CYO! Please run to your local store( check link below to find your location) and fill that fridge!  That’s it for now!

Keep on keeping on one day at time.



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