Hidrate Spark 2.0 Review… the Smart Water Bottle that glows a sweet glow!

Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle
Reviewed by Sarah M Tee MPH RDN LDN

on 3/28/17

Smart Water Bottle that glows to remind you to stay hydrated

Rating: 5/5Hidrate sarah

Boy, this review seems like it was  a long time coming! I think I was just having to much fun with my new fancy shmancy water bottle! Actually, let me correct myself, this is not just a water bottle, instead, this is a beautiful reservoir that holds the divine clear liquid that our bodies crave on a minute by minute basis!   I have truly enjoyed making this bottle part of my life now. I literally bring it everywhere I go! I feel that I am under the microscope as a Registered Dietitian. WOW, just writing that serves as a reminder to practice what I preach and how thankful I am to be doing what I am doing every day!  O, but I practice alright, especially when it comes to drinking water. When I became a dietitian, I told myself that I wanted to be different, to stand out, I feel that I have made that promise to myself. I am here for you guys, my patients, clients, friends, family, really anyone that will listen to me constantly banter about food, health, and what I love. As I wrote that, I was picturing certain individuals either laughing or rolling their eyes, or picturing those that literally have a  deep conversation about toast!
Anyway, to bring it back to focus, I was able to try an amazing product, not even a product, a much needed tool to help those that struggle with hydration, and I am talking about PROPER hydration. This does not include ( in my book) coffee, tea, Gatorade, artificially sweetened beverages, and the like. I am talking about water. I have been able to drink this glorious beverage from a source deep in a cave, A CAVE. That was amazing and eye opening!How many times have I educated my clients to aim for 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water, or drink 1 for 1 to calories you are eating daily ( which is a whole other topic), or just ask them to make a goal and aim for it. Well, my sweet friends, I have found the one your body  craves… the Hidrate Spark 2.0. This beauty is elegant in design, fun to look at, fun to play with ( the amazing app), fun to interact with ( love those reminders), and of course fun to drink out of. This review is from my perspective. Yes, the company did send me the product to try only AFTER I inquired about it first.  For those of you that know me, know I only gab about those products that I have personally tried, tasted, and tested. So here it goes!

What is the Hidrate Spark 2.0 ?

” Hidrate Spark 2.0 tracks water intake, connects via Bluetooth to hydration app, syncs with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and more, glows to remind you to stay hydrated.” ( hidratespark.com) That’s it in a nutshell. This bottle is smarter than the average man. No seriously, how hard is it sometimes, myself included, to remember to drink when the busy tasks of life keep us away from proper nourishment?

The bottle comes in 6 adorable colors: Teal, Pink, Green, White, Black, Purple

What is included in your Purchase of a Hidrate Spark 2.0?

I filmed myself opening up the product. I am working on getting the link on here. It really felt like Christmas! First of all, I love getting mail. Secondly, I love when a product comes with multiple features to explore, and the Hidrate Spark didn’t disappoint! All I needed to do was follow the instructions on how to set up and attach the sensor, download the app, update my goals and information,  and I was ready to go!  For the price of $54.95 you get…

  • Water Bottlehidrate package
  • Sensor
  • Battery
  • Access to the App
  • Customer Support
  • Access to Website

This bottle is a delicate flower, so please hand wash the white sensor, dishwasher safe for the bottle and lid, and just don’t use extremely hot beverages in it.  Trust me, its not that hard and takes no time at all to clean and take care of your bottle. I use my bottle all day everyday, so I prefer to handwash.

Features of the Hidrate Spark 2.0

The Hidrate App has now found its home on the homescreen, on my phone, next to all my other important first page apps! Hidrate home screenAt this point, I felt it was a necessity to have it there because I knew I was going to be checking it just as often as I would my texts or emails! Plus, there is no charging, and the battery has a long life! It also syncs, tracks, and of course glows!

Next, I looooovvve the reminder notifications that it sends, I find myself literally laughing out loud when I read them. They are fresh, funny, and encouraging. We all have notifications and reminders for other apps and tasks, and I love that this one stands out! I have many a time asked clients to set alarms on their phones to help them with meal timing as well as hydration, and this one just makes it so much easier. Some of my favorite notifications have been…  ” Water you doing?” , or ” Keep your flow with some H20″, or ” Looks like you could use a tall drink of water”. That’s just a few of them! I purposefully lingered on my drinking during this review so I could experience some of these features, and other times, these reminders were really for me!

The other cool feature is the screen where it keeps track of your intake, and even when you have successfully completed your goal. I am visual, and this reallHIdrate graphyy motivated me to get drinking when I was low. If you forget your bottle, there is also a spot for you to manually add in what you had for the day. A new updated feature on the app allows you to add water to previous days if you forgot! That’s awesome!  I tell you people, nothing like accountability.  Plus, this app is just pretty to look at and easy to use! O did I mention the app is free? Yes, it comes with the bottle, but it was not an additional charge. I have an IPhone 6 so I was able to download off the App Store.

Ok, my absolute favorite part is the GLOW. I love it! I can see it out of the corner of my eye when working on the computer, kitchen, or driving. It is bright, fills up the whole bottle with light, and you can choose your glow feature on the app!Hydrate Spa I found myself thinking, ” Wait, I just drank”. I have used other products that are hydration reminders, they were helpful, glowed as well, but it was not a water bottle. It was a separate attachment, and I have to admit I lost the first one I received. This allows me to have an all in one, and there is more of a chance I, or you, will stick with it! This picture to the right is one of my favorite pictures. I was taking a spa. I bring this bottle everywhere, no discrimination. The setting was peaceful, and my bottle was there to remind me, next to my candle, that even tho I am in water relaxing, I still need to hydrate.  I also take my Hidrate Spark while working out! Its not glass, so generally can go anywhere glass isn’t allowed. Did I mention the color choices are amazing! Hidrate workout

Why choose the Hidrate Spark 2.0

This bottle I feel is worth it. It has so much to offer. Here are my Pros and Cons on this product


  • Awesome accountability partner
  • Calming colors to fit each personality
  • Great customer service and website
  • A visually appealing glow reminder
  • Cell phone reminders and notifications to drink on top of the glow
  • Goal setting
  • Easy to carry and fit into most bags
  • It can go anywhere , even brought it through security in the airport (empty of course)
  • After talking to the company, you can now add water to other days if you forgot! This will be so helpful to this momma who multi tasks for sure!
  • This beauty is dishwasher safe. All parts EXCEPT the sensor stick inside the bottle. Please handwash that part. But, I still personally handwash and air dry it just because I use it so much!


  • Can be a costly product at $54.95 to the budget minded. However, If you calculate how much you spend on other drinks, bottled water, other water bottles, it would pay for itself quickly
  • I would say that I wish the spout was bigger. I find myself having to modify my sipping when drinking out of it. I could suggest taking a look at that.
  • I did find that sometimes it didn’t catch all the water I did drink on the app, and I had to enter it manually a few times, but wasn’t a huge issue.


Overall, this bottle blew my mind. When I saw it online, I knew I had to have it, not just for myself, but for you all.  This tall drink of water is smooth, elegant, sleek in design, kind in reminders, and funny for those hard days, and is always there when you need a pick me up( literally to pick up your water so it will help you feel less fatigued and get more energized). I was so impressed by the customer service/marketing team and I could feel they loved what they do and were proud of this product. I would say this has been one of my favorite products to try. It was easy to set up and get started, easy to take care of, and just a great way to stay on top of hydration no matter the time of day!  I highly recommend this to anyone even if your on your A game for fluids. Pick up your favorite color and get glowing!

To get yours go to: www.hidratespark.com

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