Loving that Sweetleaf… a natural sweetener 

On my adventures of trying new products and searching for those that I find worthy enough, for not only myself to consume but my family, patients, clients , friends and let’s just say whoever will listen to me, I stumbled across this delightful brand of Stevia products.

I am big supporter of consuming what is whole,fresh,clean, and natural. Some might argue that this product was made in a factory or plant and not just shipped from the ground to our plates so is it really the best for us?Well, although part of that may be  true, I still feel that this sugar alternative(not non nutritive sweeteners in those yellow, blue, and pink packets) is still more natural than quite a few chemical sweeteners on the market that are in many of the foods and drinks we consume. 

The goal of my practice as a dietitian is to aim to eat and have my patients and clients eat food and not food like products. How hard is that in a world where the “best tasting food” is at our fingertips? I say that grooming your tastebuds takes practice, guidance, and patience. But my friends, it can be done I have done so and seen so myself. 

Ok, back to Sweetleaf. I wrote the company and was amazed by their customers service. Again, anyone that knows me, knows I am a stickler for good service. So, one of their reps gave me a back story on Stevia and their products and told me that their CEO was the first to bring Stevia to the US! How cool! I have tried many other Stevia brands so this was pretty nifty! Upon my asking to sample some of their products, of course for you my friends, they sent me Stevia packets, Water drops, and liquid Stevia in the flavor of toffee…. O My Goodness. 

So here’s what I think…

For those that know me well, I love my water just they way it is. But that’s not always the case for everyone. Water is so vital to our body functioning. Sweetleaf water drops are a perfect way to enhance the taste to make sure we are getting the 2-3 l a day. Ingredients are simple and I think the taste is impeccable! I decided to bring my drops with me to work and see what others had to say. 

A few nurse practioners, who also screen for nutrition and are in tune with the need for substitutions, sampled the product and had this to say…

” I was surprised that the taste does not linger … I actually wish that they would have added more of the Stevia to make it sweeter and less of the raspberry lemonade flavor” ” After all, we really think these drops taste better in cold water”

I thought that was great feedback as each of our tastebuds are so different. I think that the aftertaste is barely noticeable compared to other products and sweeteners, and it really doesn’t linger or taste bitter. As for the drops itself, I like I can control just how much flavor I want. In a 32 oz bottle of water I used about 3 squirts and it was perfect! 

Now, in the morning, I use either the packets of Stevia or the toffee drops above. I was so impressed with the drops that I think this is a must for anyone looking to mimic a high sugar high calorie beverage from their favorite coffee shop. The taste is subtle but noticeable. It is sweet but not overpowering, and it is for sure smooth. I make my coffee with 5 drops and topped off with almond milk. The packets really do live up to their claim of the best product. It’s not bitter, the aftertaste disappears, and it mixes in great with any beverage to baking product. 

Overall, I think I may have found my favorite Stevia product, but most are pretty tasty and a great alternative to sugar itself. I won’t discriminate 😀It is sweeter than sugar ( 1 packet = about 2 tsp) so be mindful of that. I do preach to balance your diet and listen if there is a true sugar addiction. These are meant to be used to compliment your foods and potentially helps those that struggle metabolically in their body with sugar metabolism(Diabetes) . I give this product 2 thumbs up and recommend you give it a try! You can find these products here:


Keeping moving on and cheers my friends!



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