I’m Back! 

So, I will have to admit I have significantly reduced my social media time and to be honest it wasn’t all on purpose. I just got so wrapped up in the happenings of life ( work, babies, moving,chores, sleep or lack of sleep,exercise,or lack of exercise,you know what I mean), that I just lost that drive to share my thoughts, food pics, cute baby pics, to even my favorite products. 

Life has just evolved into this wonderful chaotic machine, I was letting myself and the things I love go to the wasteside. I don’t know if you have ever felt that way, but all of a sudden at thirty just getting to bed was a success some days. Days off work would consist of messy buns and no makeup, shoving food in when I could, showering at the end of the day instead of the beginning ( or let’s be realistic mommas not showering at all) and just falling into bed . Would I trade this chaotic wonderful life for a one filled with nothing to do but sit and pick my nose 😂? NOPE,not a chance. 

I have come to see what I really want out of life. To be a wife, a mom, a Dietitian, a friend, a daughter and be truly joyful no matter how hard it gets or frustrating it is. Life isn’t easy, it has its up and downs for sure, but it’s those ups and downs I’ve experienced that have made me who I am. Being a mom, wow, just writing that or saying out loud, it’s amazing. I had the best mom as an example growing up. Watching what she did for us, knowing she was up with us while we were sick. I have experienced that and know just how much love and dedication it takes. To see my little running around now, talking and exploring the world is just awe inspiring. Am I being dramatic? Maybe? But I can’t help to put into perspective just what’s been going on in this mind of mine over here.

As for my relationship with God? I am like a stone, needing to be constantly worked on to become smooth. He is so loving and forgiving.  No matter how busy I get, and when I can only cry out to that one worship song that just plucks at my heart strings, I need to realize that He loves me for who I am , my imperfections, and and all that I desire to be. 

I hope that if your reading this, you can somehow relate, and know to take this crazy life one day at a time. Take in all those memories and experiences and cherish them for I know they are quickly fleeting. Life is a journey and boy am I glad I’m on it! 

Loving what is good from the inside out,



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