PALEOPRO oh my ! 

I have tried many types of protein powders over the years. I have tried  powders ranging from whey(dairy),vegan(rice, hemp,and pea), to now grass fed and pastured raised  beef and egg! PaleoPro caught my eye because it was something different and I have never heard of it. I was scrolling on my Facebook page when I saw the advertisement. I thought “Huh just another Paleo product”. I clicked on it and started reading(you can find more information at and was pleasantly surprised.

Products are dairy free, soy free, gluten free,and available in the raw flavor. They also are sweetened with stevia( a new fav of mine) and come in Ancient Cocoa and Aztec Vanilla( the best vanilla protein I’ve had!)Each serving is packed with 26g of protein, 120 calories and is a steep competitor to other protein powders on the market. 

What I love about these powders were not only the taste, but also the blendability of them. Compared to vegan powders that tend to be gritty, this protein is smooth like its dairy counterpart. You can mix it in a blender with your favorite ingredients, or  in a shaker bottle with water and consume a great consistent product. I did notice that in theblender bottle, I  needed to shake it a few times and let it sit for a couple minutes for it to all blend together, but once mixed, it tasted great! 

I found mine at whole foods in the supplement aisle, but you can also order it online at the link posted above. 

Overall, this protein tastes amazing, served its purpose as a great source of protein for snacks to post workout recovery and is affordable.  

Speaking of recovery post workout, they also sent me their recovery blend which is made of sweet potato, egg white and stevia. This was so different from any post workout I’ve tried, and I have to say it was an aweodme change of pace. I mixed it right away with water or blended it with my favorite mix in and drank between 30-40 min. It tasted satisfying and did give me that pick me up I needed to recover after a tough workout. The taste is not very sweet but more savory on my tastebuds unless you add in fruit or  say almond milk. Either way, I would give it a try to change up your routine and keep that body guessing. 

Guys, I love trying new products and this one is a keeper in my pantry and will stay on the tip of my tounge as another awesome source of protein! Keep going, take your goals one day at a time, and strive to be the best version of you! 



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