Use what you have food challenge! 

Where did this week go? Anywhoodles, this week we decided to challenge ourselves to use what we have in the house for groceries and see how long we can go without shopping and see what we can make with what we have. We often do this to make sure nothing goes to waste and see how creative we can get. How often do we go grocery shopping every week and over buy or not use what is in our cupboard, fridge or freezer? It’s a great way to expand your cooking horizons, get those creative juices flowing and ensure we are not wasting the food the good Lord gave us! 

What was on this weeks menu in our household: 

1- Monday : eggs and salsa with corn tortilla , Gluten Free pancakes made with eggs and almond milk and random food offerings in fridge, leftover baked chicken from my birthday celebration with roasted veggies 

2- Tuesday: Leftover chicken and veggies from dinner and fruit , chicken sandwich with MIL , and dinner from her! Thank you! Gluten Free pasta and Italian tossed salad

3-Wednesday:leftover pancakes and fruit and random food in fridge , found tofu in pantry and baked it with spices ( see pic) and a whole seedless cucumber with balsamic,  leftover beef from the birthday party with leftover rice from party 

4- Thursday : leftover rice from dinner and gf pancakes leftover and fruit , tuna salad in a wrap with pickles on the side , lettuce wraps and cucumber salad ( at MIL house) 

5- Friday : eggs and salsa on tortilla and that’s where it ends …. 

So to show you all , a combination of my pantry and the gracious offerings of family, I have made it to Friday without shopping. If I had not had meals with my family, I would have had breakfast for dinner and lunch, made up any veggies I had in freezer , cooked some beans and combine them together. 

Here are the issues on hand, I need lots of protein and healthy fats and veggies. That was missing during this challenge. I didn’t have enough on hand for back up. Doing this shows us how important it is to be prepared, organized and have enough of the right food ingredients on hand no matter what! It will keep you on track towards your goals and keep you satisfied! 

With that being said ,here are my recommended staples for the fridge, freezer and cupboard.

1- organic or good quality frozen veggies in freezer

2- organic, pasture raised , free of antibiotics and hormone free frozen meat like chicken and beef for backup.

3- high quality canned meat like tuna and chicken 

4- good fats like olive oil, coconut oil, nuts , seeds , olives 

5- free range organic pasture eggs 

6- tortillas ( corn or whole wheat )

7- gluten free or whole wheat pasta and a jar of sauce ( watch out for added sugars and sodium )

8- beans : black, chickpeas, kidney or whatever you like 

These suggestions are a minimum to what you can have. I have found that I can make just about anything with those and last a full week. We don’t do this all the time but it’s fun and makes you think.

In the end, don’t waste what you have , get creative and don’t be afraid to try something new and experiment,and just love eating healthy no matter what. Remember, it so much more that plain boiled chicken breast and steamed broccoli! 

Keep going and take it one day at a time,and you will see just how far you get! 



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