TANKA, I will live life powerfully with these little nuggets of goodness! I was able to write this wonderful company and ask to try these products. They did not let me down and they were very sincere and passionate about their products. I am always a believer in trying before buying and I am sure to buy these products for life. These bars, sticks, and nuggets/bites as I refer to them as are a great quick option for a snack on the go. It’s a snack you can trust that will be cleaner than a lot of of other protein bars or even jerky  products out there. How many of you have tasted a jerky and thought “boy, this is so good but I know I could be and should beeating healthier”. You can! It just takes a bit of time to search for those that products. That’s why I enjoy doing it for you, if you would have me! I would use these in combination with fresh veggies and fruit as a snack. You can make it part of a routine. I always recommend varying your proteins and this would be another one to add to the list! 

So let’s just talk about these amazing products! They are Gluten Free , nitrite free, no antibiotics or added hormones,USDA Heart Healhy, MSG free and are made from Buffalo which they aim to keep sustainable. I pretty much love all of that,  don’t you? 

I would have to say my favorite new product of theirs is the TANKA trail! Seriously ??!!! I get the jerky bites  AND a perfect portion of nuts and dried fruit!! I felt so satisfied after this snack and it has different tastes and textures. Sweet , Salty, crunchy and creamy ! Yum! Flavors come in slow smoked original bites and blueberry  almond trail mix which is my favorite as well as their turkey buffalo with mango trail mix and slow smoked original with coconut almond trail mix.

The sticks and bars are softy and juicy as well as the nuggets/bites. The flat sticks are a bit harder and may appeal to those that like that texture. Overall, it as easy to eat and didn’t leave my jaw achy and tired from chewing. Flavors are Jalapeño, Apple orange peel, slow smoked original and spicy pepper. I feel there is something for everyone. 

Their site is great and informational, love they have the nutrition facts out in the open, a mission as well as wha they are about. I love a transparent company , but more so when it’s sincere and related to food. I recommend Checking out the site I posted above and trying them out for yourself! You can find these products at whole foods, Walgreens,REI, Frutiful Yield, and possibly other health food stores. Prices are reasonable. Online you can get 2 bars/sticks for 5.99. A price I would pay for a clean snack. 

Again, I love trying out products that are whole,fresh, clean and natural and I encourage you to be open to! Another RD approved snack right here!! 

Eat on! 


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