ULLA-The Smart Hydration Reminder


This fun little gadget is more than just a gadget! I first saw this little gem on my Facebook newsfeed and thought “huh this looks interesting … I better check it out”. Well, I did and am so glad! I wrote the company telling them what I do for a living ( Registered and Licensed Dietitian)and said I was curious about their product. I talk about water intake on a daily basis even hourly. For some individuals it is extremely hard to consume the recommended half your body weight in ounces of water a day. When you add on exercising, excessive sweating , and even nursing, it can become a challenge even a stress. So I gave it a whirl. 

At first, I was impressed with the colors, the sleek design and how it attached to the bottle. What I wasn’t sure if was if it was going to work. I told myself I would give it some time to see if it would really help me increase my water intake and even remind me to do so. Here’s how it works: you attach the ULLA to a favorite water bottle/ cup. It is supposed to remind you every 30-40 min to drink by flashing a light ( aka strobe light as my colleagues stated). I typically drink a lot and often( or so I thought), and on the first day I really didn’t see this said light. However, as I went along, I noticed more flashing during the day( work hours) when I would be with a client or working at my computer. Time would go by and I wasn’t drinking when I clearly had time to. It would flash over and over again until I started drinking. I saw this cleaver little flash from the corner of my eye. When you did drink finally I saw the light just pulse when I lifted it up. It knows when you drink!  The cool part is it goes to sleep at night when you do and it wakes ups in the morning ( mainly to conserve battery life which can extend up to 6 months it claims). 

My overall thoughts on this cute little hydration gadget???? I love it! I recommend getting one and strapping it your favorite beverage container and see for yourself. Do I feel it helped me drink more than I was before? On some days I can say yes. As a mom I found myself wanting coffee or something else to keep me going and I would at least see the ULLA regardless of it flashing and remember to drink! I give it 2 thumbs up and it’s definitely RD approved! At only $24.99 I feel it’s pretty inexpensive for all the benefits of increased hydration will get you! Who doesn’t want increased energy and less fatigue!!! 



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