Gluten Free Bread

How many of you read the  title of this post and rolled your eyes? Honestly… Well, I’ll tell you the truth, I do love a fresh warm glutinous ball of dough, but I also love how I feel when I take the gluten   out of my diet. Gluten is a mix of protein found in  wheat,rye and barley  that gives it its elasticity( think pasta). People can have serious issues with it like celiac disease or people can be sensitive to it. Both are so different with each other and should not be confused nor should a  gluten free be a fad diet. Anyone that knows me or has worked with me knows that and is educated as to why I would have you eliminate it. But that’s for a different post. 

I wanted to share some gluten free bread products  that I have tried recently and make my top list. 

1-Canyon Bakehouse

This bread comes in a couple varieties of which I chose to sample the 7-grain and the mountain white. Both breads were soft and moist. When toasted they were crisp on the outside and soft of the inside. They make a great alternative to nutritious toast, protein French toast or even a sandwich splurge! This one is at the top of my list for GF breads. I found mine at Target for about $6 bucks a loaf. It’s not a cheap bread but it lasts a while! You can freeze it and it thaws well . 

2-UDI’s Bread

This was the first GF bread I tried and it still is one if my favorites. Usually found in the freezer section, this bread toast up to perfection. In fact , it’s the way I prefer to eat it with some coconut oil spread , avocado and crushed red pepper. It hold up well in the freezer and does thaw well. I would consider it a firm bread not moist but does change to a soft crunchy texture when toasted. I have gotten my bread at Walmart , Whole Foods, Target, Mariano’s , Heinins , and Jewel just to name a few. It is pretty easy to obtain and  this brand also offers different varieties. Price can range from $5-7 a loaf. 

3- Trader Joes GF bread

This was a newer find lately. They used to carry UDI’s products,but on my last trip I could not find it. This bread is found on the shelves along with their other GF products. This bread is up there in taste,texture and quality. It is not a moist or fluffy bread, but it toasts well and is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I tried the white version as that tends to be the most popular varietal to choose. The shelf was well stocked, bread was fresh and easy to find. Goes for about $4-5 a loaf so it’s a little more reasonably priced. 

Regardless if you have Celiacs, are sensitive to gluten or just want to experiment with food elimination these products are sure to please. Finding those foods that you love and enjoy regardless of what anyone says its still one of my mottos. When in doubt, try it out!! 


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