The Date Lady 

This is one of my new products and I’m just getting started with them! Here is some nutritional info from the site…

I was really impressed, but I knew I would be, with this product. When I made those 3 ingredient pancakes, eggs, banana,cinnamon, it was the perfect. I used the pure date syrup on it and the consistency was just like syrup and was sweet, but not overly sweet. I was also sent the Carmel syrup and the chocolate spread. O my goodness are these products  for real?! They are wholesome and clean and just plain fun! 

Dates are one of my favorite snacks, wait favorite desserts. I love chocolate covered turtles but they are just something I need to eat or should eat all the time.  I usually pair 1-2 dates with 1-2 pecans and eat them together… That is my Carmel turtle. If you blend them together with unsweetened cocoa you now have turtle truffle balls ! I mean the list goes on and on with what we can do to use dates. I even made raw Oreo cookies. 

I was so gravely to have gotten to sample this product and now am a life long lover of The Date Lady! You need to get in this train !! Choo Choo😜



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