Quorn products

A little while back, I wrote this company after seeing it in one of my nutrition magazines. I am always looking for other sources of protein for myself as well as clients. This product however , would speak better to those that prefer vegetarian sources of protein. Of all the products they do have , I chose the Naked Chik’n tenders found under the gluten free section,and the Chik’n patties which are a breaded patty and not gluten free.


After reading a little more about the products, Mycoprotiein is the main ingredient in Quorn. It is in he fungi family and can and has caused some allergic reactions. I review food sensitivities  and I see yeast often. In this category of food sensitivities you would avoid some fermented foods , and even fungi. This product would not be the best source of protein for one avoiding yeast. 

The Mycoprotein claims to be high in fiber , protein. It also say it’s low in fat and cholesterol , but for those that know me , know I love me some fat!! 

For the overall taste, I really liked it! I decided to use the tenders in a pasta dish with veggies and olive oil and it was great. Did it taste like chicken no, but it was substantial and took on the flavor of spices and oils I was cooking with. The patty was tasty and felt like I was cheating with a real breaded chicken sandwich. I ate this with cut up veggies and felt quite satisfied after eating from all the fiber. 

Would I recommend trying out the Quorn products? Yes! There are a variety of products to choose from. I would use this as another protein option to choose from, but unless your a vegetarian , rotate it amongest your other sources! The cost is comparable to other vegetarian sources and would and could fit many budgets! 

So all, if your curious go out and try it for yourself! You know how much I love food and trying new things. I wouldn’t steer you wrong , but if it’s not your thing and you wanna stick to your regular protein, that’s ok to! Toodles! 


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