Homemade Pesto

Hey all! 

So I am getting back into the swing of things over here, working out, clean eating , my BRAIN function, and started looking into my next from scratch cooking project … Pesto ! I love pesto but tend to avoid it because of the dairy in it, or its just to expensive in the store for a tiny container!  This recipe was found in the 21 Day Sugar Detox book by Diane Sanfilippo. 


However, I used what I had in my fridge and pantry for this one. I substituted spinach for the cilantro( I used to big handfuls) and use cashews instead of macadamia nuts. It. Was. Fabulous! 

So what do you use pesto on Sarah besides pasta? I used it on Salmon, with my eggs in the morning, spiralized zuccini raw or cooked, and with veggies. It is full of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and protein. It makes a great sauce or flavor partner to any protein dish. You could even make pesto cauliflower rice! HA I need to make that up and post that here. 

This recipe was so easy I threw all Ingredients in my Vitamix blender and it was done. I love putting my food in balls jars, especially clear ones. It is pretty to look at, and you can see your food in the fridge. I tend to save ball jars and even buy the adorable turquoise and purple ones. Either way, this is a great easy recipe for clean, homemade pesto that is sure to be a pleaser! Enjoy your food from the inside out! 


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