Home delivered meals

Have you guys ever tried those companies that deliver meals right to you door? I’m not talking about the premade full of preservatives and frozen meals, I’m talking about the ones that come in a big box or package and are full of fresh meat, veggies, grains etc? Well I have and I have almost tried all of them, of course at my expense. They are mini investments , but they can offer you an array meats to try, recipes you may have never tried before , and of course veggies!!!

Well this time, I was asked to try a company called Meez meals ,you can read more @:


I of course was a bit skeptical , as I should be , about another meal home delivery service , but I was intrigued after I went on the site and looked around. First of all it is not a flashy site, but feels inviting and welcoming . The font is soft and the colors enlightening. It felt relaxing looking through the site as well as the food offerings.  

Being a Registered Dieitian, I began looking through what they had to offer for those that may need to tweak their food choices, and would this be a place I could personally eat at or even send clients, family and friends. I was please to find they have options for Gluten Free, Vegan and even if there are certain food types you just don’t like. They will try and  accommodate you. So far, I was quite pleased and I did not yet place my order. I ended up ordering popular salmon dish and to enlighten my hubby a BBQ chicken dish. So in waited until the following mo day to receive my order.  Below you will find a few pics from the day I got the food. 

I absolutely loved the reusable bag! I can take this on my grocery shopping trips and just feel good about not throwing away a big box. This was already a big difference from the other meal companies. On the inside , it’s pretty much the same as the others , ice packs and food. When you open each bag, you have all the ingredients for the recipe! Pic says it all. You simply follow the instructions and … 

The difference with this service is they don’t have pictures of how to set up the plate , just descriptions so I just played with it! This meal wasn’t gluten or dairy free. I wanted to try as is this time without tweaking it. But I will have to say: best tasting fish, especially salmon , from any box we have ordered , hands down. Broccoli was fresh and crisp and colorful , no old pieces or tastes. The cheese was fresh and cold. I have not had pearl cous cous in a while and that was delish . The serving size in my book was perfect. We eat big portions of meat and veggies in our house and that is lacking in the other subscriptions we tried. The sauce came already made, I do have to say I enjoy cooking and would have loved to make it myself , and to be able to make it again, but as the site says, you do not need to cut , chop or prep anything , it’s done for you! 

Overall, this company was surprisingly wonderful and really stood out amongst it’s fellow home meal delivery companies. One benefit , it is extremely local to us and I love that my food didn’t have to travel far to get to me! I recommend giving them a try and don’t forget to let me know how you liked it! 


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