Who doesn’t love cream cheese?

Morning all! 

So next up on my product list is a dairy free, soy free, gluten free cream cheese! Now, I will have to say if I could tolerate dairy 100% with no after symptoms, I would probably eat more of it ( organic and grass fed dairy products whenever possible! ). Since I have done my 96 food allergy testing with lifetime and done food elimination for many weeks at a time to understand my body , I respond quite well to eliminating dairy while gut healing. First let me just say that sometimes foods that we cannot tolerate at the moment may become tolerable with time and healing ! 

This product I stumbled across and I had to try it. I’ve tried another diary free cream cheese (Daiya) and I couldn’t even swallow it. But this one receives flying colors!  I picked it up at whole foods and it costs about 5-6 bucks a tub so it’s not cheap but I don’t eat it every day! 

 I chose to sample it on my Canyon Bakehouse gluten free bread (yum… Post to come) but you can use it as a dip with veggies or use it as a sandwich spread or Rolled up in nitrate nitrite lunch meat ! 

I chose the chive flavor , they did have plain. It is in a pretty cool container and easy to open. The texture is smooth and creamy and very easy to spread . The taste is similar to almond milk if you like it but it’s pretty subtle and I drink almond milk ( homemade and store bought ) every day. I could taste the chives, but wish there was a bit more ! It tasted aweodme on the toast . It has 3 G protein and 7 g fat and only 2 g carbs. For a macro distribution this is more up my ally ! Usually diary cream cheese has higher carbs. Another bonus is the ingredients are pretty simple and easy to understand.

All in all, it’s a yummy alternative to its dairy counterpart. It is delicious and worth a try! Enjoy !!!


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