Say Cheese?

Ok, so I tried this new brand of “yogurt”, but it’s actually cheese. I tried 2 flavored the Carmel sea salt and the lemon. I saw this brand on Facebook and decided to follow the link to get a free sample. So as you all know , I’m all about that! So here it goes…

I was a bit thrown off by the texture. For starters, I am used to full fat Greek yogurt and I believe this brand only has fat free ? I tried looking on the website and couldn’t find any different. That was a big sad face for me . I only choose products that are full fat. The flavor was nice but again didn’t like the consistency it seem watery which reminded me of skim milk. Lemon was my favorite out of the 2 , it seemed to cut that watery flavor with the tart from the lemon. Plus , I am a lemon person so naturally that one was better. Here is what they claim on their website about the products and for that I will say I am impressed. 

It does give another clean option out there and if you want to try it go ahead! If I am going to do dairy and it’s not all the time, I prefer full fat !!!!  I found this at target , but I believe jewel also carries them! Check out the website and type in your location to see where you can get yours to try!!


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