Homemade Almond Milk 

Well all, I did it ! I finally made my own almond milk and I am not disappointed. I will have to admit that it was messy and I didn’t have everything I wanted to put in it , but it tastes amazing and clean and wonderful! The recipe I “followed ” is …

How to Make Almond Milk

Ingredients I used ..

Whole bag of trader joes unsalted almonds


Sea salt

Costco vanilla ( I didn’t have vanilla beans)

Organic sugar ( just about a sprinkle) I will use dates next time! 

So, I begin …. I soaked my almonds overnight well in this case 1.5 days. My skins didn’t come off after I rinsed them so I just kept them on. I blended the almonds , water , vanilla and sprinkle of organic sugar . I made the whole bag of almonds but only milked 1 cup to 4 cups water. I will make more ! 

I only had a small square of cheese cloth and that made the process longer. I poured the milk over it and Strained it. Next time I will get a Milk bag. The process will go quicker. Once done I poured in my glass ! 

The taste is glorious and creamy and reminds me of heavy whipping cream. The flavor is nothing like the almond milk I buy from the store. This is easy and I was able to make it in about 20 min. I imagine it will be quicker once I get the milk bag. Anywhoodles, I highly recommend making it . My coffee here is delicious and smooth! 

Milk on everyone … Milk on! 


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