Soup is on!

image.jpegWhat do we crave when it’s snowing and cold outside? Something warm and filling! I know I have had a craving for warm food since these temps have dropped! Well no fear healthy homemade soup is here! I was never a soup person until just recently when I finally realized how easy it was and how truly nutritious they can be! I will admit I have been inspired by both my mother and mother in law by their cooking! So what’s on my menu? This delish lentil soup! I made a huge batch and frozen them in portions! I didn’t really follow a recipe except for the lentil cooking. So I found one close to mine! Once you have the base veggies cooked and the lentils and liquid added , you can basically add whatever you want! I added Quinoa for more protein  ( but I did have to add more liquid ). Follow this and feel free to experiment! I used a huge turkey breast and cut it up chunky in here…. I also didn’t add parm cheese but you can if you like! I will do dairy free and just add a few slices of avocado instead for a healthy fat!!!




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