Healthy Snacks.. because we all know we need them!

How many of you look at all those bags of chips(of which we will not say),cookie, cake or whatever your nemesis is, and wish you could have it? If I said I didn’t have those thoughts, then I would be lying! However, if you have those snacks which taste awesome and are just as easy to get into, then I feel problem is solved! I have taken it upon myself to try various products by varies companies as a way of helping you all weed through the umpteen varieties of snacks out there. In fact, I love doing this! There are so many to choose from that it can leave your head spinning, but follow me kid and you will go places! Below are 2 companies that I have reached out to to send me some samples of to taste test before you, my family and my clients try, because I know if

img_8588I will eat it, then you will too!

The first is RHYTHM SUPERFOODS KALE CHIPS. Now, I am a big fan of making my own kale chips, but these are scrumptious! I have tried other brands, and these are superior so far. The Original is packed with flavor, and texture. Its crunchy yet creamy. Not bland at all and quite tasty if you are looking for a chip substitute. They are organic , non GMO and Gluten Free. The Zesty Nacho was surprising and I loved it! I thought it would be very spicy but would taste awesome with a mexican cuisine or if you wanted to sub those chips that start with a “D”. Overall, these are great! You don’t need many as they are satisfying with the serving size of about a handful!


Next up are these little gems from SUPER SEEDZ! O MY GOODNESS…. these are amazing and healthy all at once! You can get sweet or savory with these and feel like you are splurging! They come in a bunch of flavors and I tried all of these! My favorite is the Maple Sugar & Sea Salt! They come in Coco Joe,  Cinnamon & Sugar, Maple Sugar & Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Somewhat Spicy and Super Spicy. I have them in the order of what I like! Great protein kick , and minimal ingredients these are for sure sticking around this household!

I hope you guys will give these a try and trust that they are awesome! Kale Chips are adventurous, but just like anything, give it a try and you never know! Happy Tasting!


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