Am I doing this right ?

As I sit here and think about my own goals, it makes me wonder, as a Dieitian how do I know I’m even doing things right let alone my clients , friends and family. The true is, you don’t! If I may be so bold, as Dietitians we go through quite a bit of schooling and learning . We make recommendations based on scientific evidence and what current research is out there. We have to because it’s ever changing. But that’s just it. It’s ever changing sometimes even day to day. That’s what makes me say well hey now, am I even doing this whole healthy living thing right ! I have been questioned many times on certain subjects and have had to research and Rethink the answer I give often. But here’s the kicker… You are doing things right ! I am doing things right. If you are taking the time to ask questions, seek out those things that are healthy and whole, regardless if they are changing , then I would say you are. It takes at least 3 months to make a change and a lot can happen in 3 months because I’ve seen it. But all the while you are walking on this path to healthy living , there will be challenges and dissappointments.Be encouraged by the progress you made , know who you are and pursue that inner you who that is dying to get out ! Take it day by day and you will see that you are doing it right and may just need a little help along the way! 


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